The Germans irresolution is dangerous

You know, today I experienced once more, how many Germans are unsure about everything. I should better say, they want to play nice.

#Leistungsschutzrecht Petition mitzeichnen! Nu...
(Photo credit: chrisnain)
The "Leistungsschutzrecht" is such a case. Two sides. They are having strong arguments. Then the typical kind people show up, saying both overdo it, and criticize both and see good things in both.

But you need to make a decision. The one who are irresolute are also irresponsible. Those people are the problem why nothing will get solved. No progression.
This is a problem in Germany on a big scale now. Better you do something and risk to make a mistake than do nothing. Because that is a mistake in itself.

It helps nobody to always play nice. At some point you have to decide what you want and back that side no matter what or else nobody will achieve anything.