Coffee, vegan cupcake together the 8 Bit Guy newest video!

Yes, that's a fine start of the day.


Pre-Ordered "The C64"... Exciting!

Yes, the time has come. Screw online. I pre-ordered the upcoming "The C64". A licenced product. And I will actually use it for real. Not only for playing retro-games.

This is an awesome thing. Next stop is already planned: Buying a new Amiga. In the meantime I'm trying to restore my old original Amiga 2000, and enjoying working with the "The C64".

Working hard for today's netcasts

A lot of news this week, but if you look closely, only a few are really interesting.
I'm having enough of politics killing off tech.
And I'm really fed up about trade and tech war. Eff you! You were too slow and too expensive, USA. China is king now. Live with it.
And that's it. I want new high tech, better electronics, more smart home, and faster processors. I and don't give a crap about from where it is delivered. Period!


EMUI / Magic UI 9.1 arrived on Honor View 20

Yes... finally, the new Magic UI / EMUI 9.1 has arrived, including GPU Turbo 3.0 which makes a big difference in gaming.
You can select the games you want to run faster, while leaving others out of the Turbo when not necessary to get most out of the brilliant battery life of the Honor View 20.

There are also slight stability improvements in Desktop Mode (PC-Mode a.k.a. DeX) and some minor design tweaks, mainly regarding the icons. Now more non-optimized icons will adapt to the given design.

It also includes the latest available security patch for Honor phones.


Ramping up for today's netcasts

Wow, tech-news hit a new low-level this week.
Exciting? Not at all. The usual data doomsday warnings, security apocalypse outrages, and false spy allegations.
New tech? Seems like we are busy being scared about the present .

I want a ride with a time-traveller, say 100 years into the future.

I'm too fast for this slow tech world...


Watching Tron: Legacy

Love the soundtrack and the Illumination.


Winter has just begun

Today it's officially beginning of the winter period. 

And if you say now: "What? Is he crazy?"
It means that you probably live on the northern hemisphere and assume that your seasons are valid for the whole planet. Nope.

Playing Neverwinter

After a long period of abstinence 😁 I'm starting to play Neverwinter again. So many new features and changes. Having a hard time to get back into the game.


Shocked by the US blackmailing of Huawei #ImWithHuawei

You see, I don't post as much as a manth ago. That is of me still being shocked by the open blackmailing from the USA against Huawei.

This is a sad thing, and I'm readying everything to move away from almost any US Internet-service and of course getting ready to have no Android on my Honor Phone. I will not, I repeat, I will not give in to US pressure. I will stay with Huawei and Honor, no matter what. And even if they will end up offering no phones outside China, I will only buy Chinese phones.

So this takes time, but many products are already switched. I'm ready for any Huawei-OS (Ark OS, Hong Meng or whatever they call it) and leaving the main Android OS, which seems to be fully under US-control and therefore unacceptable in the future.


Watching Sword Art Online

Yay. Once again. 


Huawei / Honor PC-Mode Shortcuts #ImWithHuawei

Against all odds. I'm staying with Huawei, no matter what. Eff you!
And so it happens that I'm now even using my phone as a Desktop PC with the awesome PC-Mode. Here are some of the Shortcuts I could find:

Keyboard Shortcuts for Huawei/Honor PC-Mode

  • ALT = Emoji-Selection (GBoard)
  • ALT+TAB = Task-Switcher
  • ALT+F4 = Close app
  • Windows-Key = Open app-drawer
  • Menu-Key = Open app-menu (3 dots)
  • CTRL+Mousewheel = Zoom
  • PRINT = Screenshot
  • ESC = Back (not in all apps)
  • Shift+Space = Switch languages (including Japanese & Chinese input)
  • Multimedia-Keys = Volume, Play, Pause, Mute etc. works like a charm
  • Windows+E = Open filemanager
  • Windows+D = All windows to foreground/background (Desktop)
  • Windows+L = Lock Phone / Screen
  • Shift+Cursor/Page = select text on screen


Testing PC-Mode further with C64 SID sounds in backgrond

Believe it or not. Looks better and better.
Running MODO in background to play SID-sounds while checking system stability.
It really looks like Chrome browser is the bad guy here. Working for hours with Firefox. No problem.
The Honor View 20 feels like a decent desktop system for everday usage.