Another blog or just more content?

And there is the question once more.
Should I open new blog for my new passion "Fountain Pens" and "Stationary" or just add more content to one of my existing blogs?
A tough decision, since my post frequency is quite low. On the other hand, I totally get that people don't like blogs with "everything" in it. This only works on such microblogs as this one, where you expect just posts of my life.

I'll keep on thinking about that and posting videos of pens on YouTube. Maybe I should just keep on doing that there exclusively. Oh but wait... the same problem O.o. Another channel or just add more content? *sigh*


Happy Halloween



All right, KDE Neon on 18.04 runs.

After the upgrade from the previous KDE Neon version, everything seems to run smooth.
There was one problem with a library referring to Chines input. I removed that library and all is good. Reinstall input fixes it.
Same was with Emacs 26.1. I had to recompile ist and install it via the make command. Now the missing library is installed, all is good and running fine.

Well that was the least to be expected with that long time waiting for the update.
If I find a secure method to switch this install back to Ubuntu, I'm out of KDE Neon. I want to have the latest and greatest of Ubuntu. It's even more important to run an old system for month with the latest KDE.

For now, I'm fine.


Finally... KDE Neon with 18.04

It's officially released. Now updating. However I'll keep on my plan to soon go back to Ubuntu.
I'm not willing to wait this long for major updates.
And I'm also not necessarily bound to LTS releases. I want new features all the time. Period.
That's why I switched to KDE Neon to always get the latest and greatest of KDE. But not on the sacrifice of having the newest base system.

The day Google lost its mind...

That was when the showed the Google Pixel 3.
Oh my...
Old tech (really 4GB/64GB? with a Snapdragon 845 in end 2018?), old design, single camera (yay, WE WANT TO BELIEVE in AI... It's almost like Mulder's poster), and the price?
Well, let it put me this way, because we want to be happy, shiny positive: It's a great price with an Exynos 9810 Octa, 8GB RAM, 512GB storage, Dual Camera with optical zoom, MicroSD card expansion and a 3,5mm headphone jack.
Only thing is... Nothing of that is in the Google Pixel 3. It's a mid-range phone in Q4/2018 for a premium price. Google gone Apple 2.0... Oct 9th,2018 a sad day.


Don't tell me this is the stage for the Pixel event?

From the live feed. Looks like that tiny little "stage" is all we get from Google.

Slowly getting ready for the Google Pixel Event 2018

Yes, soon it is upon us. I don't expect much to be honest.
The Pixel 3 devices will be a disaster if there isn't a huge surprise, and all of the news channels were totally fooled.
May in the Home Devices sector it will be interesting. The assistant need to be everywhere.
Well let's see what is happening very soon today...



In case your wondering what I'm doing instead of putting out senseless things on censored social networks...
Improving my handwriting.



The world is so imperfect, I often ask myself how it could happen that it works at all.


Stay away from me, I ate a burrito O.o

Approach at your own risk...


Pens, pens, pens and planner

As you might notice, I'm very busy at the moment.
I improved my own writing-system and I managed to build my new planner system (yes, offline with pen & paper).
It's now under heavy testing and optimizing. It needs a month or two I'll guess before I publish it. In the meantime I can tell you that it is not a bullet journal nor a normal calendar.

It's a flexible, easy and non-expensive way to manage your time. It can be a piece of art, or just a plain simple table. You have all the freedom to style your "version" of it.

Besides that I'm testing a lot of stationary stuff, which I will tell you about it soon.
Wow, when my old teachers see this... :D