Shocked by the US blackmailing of Huawei #ImWithHuawei

You see, I don't post as much as a manth ago. That is of me still being shocked by the open blackmailing from the USA against Huawei.

This is a sad thing, and I'm readying everything to move away from almost any US Internet-service and of course getting ready to have no Android on my Honor Phone. I will not, I repeat, I will not give in to US pressure. I will stay with Huawei and Honor, no matter what. And even if they will end up offering no phones outside China, I will only buy Chinese phones.

So this takes time, but many products are already switched. I'm ready for any Huawei-OS (Ark OS, Hong Meng or whatever they call it) and leaving the main Android OS, which seems to be fully under US-control and therefore unacceptable in the future.


Watching Sword Art Online

Yay. Once again. 


Huawei / Honor PC-Mode Shortcuts #ImWithHuawei

Against all odds. I'm staying with Huawei, no matter what. Eff you!
And so it happens that I'm now even using my phone as a Desktop PC with the awesome PC-Mode. Here are some of the Shortcuts I could find:

Keyboard Shortcuts for Huawei/Honor PC-Mode

  • ALT = Emoji-Selection (GBoard)
  • ALT+TAB = Task-Switcher
  • ALT+F4 = Close app
  • Windows-Key = Open app-drawer
  • Menu-Key = Open app-menu (3 dots)
  • CTRL+Mousewheel = Zoom
  • PRINT = Screenshot
  • ESC = Back (not in all apps)
  • Shift+Space = Switch languages (including Japanese & Chinese input)
  • Multimedia-Keys = Volume, Play, Pause, Mute etc. works like a charm
  • Windows+E = Open filemanager
  • Windows+D = All windows to foreground/background (Desktop)
  • Windows+L = Lock Phone / Screen
  • Shift+Cursor/Page = select text on screen


Testing PC-Mode further with C64 SID sounds in backgrond

Believe it or not. Looks better and better.
Running MODO in background to play SID-sounds while checking system stability.
It really looks like Chrome browser is the bad guy here. Working for hours with Firefox. No problem.
The Honor View 20 feels like a decent desktop system for everday usage.


It's done... Switched to PC-Mode and put my Laptop out of use

Here we go.  My Honor View 20 now runs in PC-Mode via an USB-C/HDMI Adapter. This is finalizing my switch from a common GNU+Linux to this device.

And yes it runs emacs :). A must!
More in the coming days!


Google Assistant Routines gone from your phone? Check this

Oh no! No Routines!
If you are having trouble like me with the Google Assistant Routines disappeared from your settings in the Google Home app, try setting the language for the assistant AND the phone to English (US) and nothing else.
Then restart the Home app, and you can find the routines tab again. Make sure that the Google Assistant on your phone you want to change the routines is ON, too. Otherwise again, the routine settings are gone.

I'm really having enough from all this crap with the Google Assistant that needs workarounds everywhere. This is not intuitive.


May the 4th be with you... again

Here we go... It's on. Star Wars all the way today.

Even Kizuna AI celebrates it. So... Yay!
Watch her Video or just go straight to your TV and watch Star Wars. You know there are only 3 real Star Wars movies, right?

Subject: GTA V: Almost like Geocaching

Searching all spaceship parts. Reminding me of geocaching... 🙂

.... and done!


Uncharted - The Lost Legacy 2nd time

Played through for the 2nd time. It's an awesome game.
The Uncharted series is one the few titles I keep playing again and again. 
What a great adventure. 


Azur Lane full steam ahead

Yay... Kizuna AI made her way to the mobile game "Azur Lane".
Of course that was the point to check that app out. How did I not play this before? It's awesome.

Kizuna Ai enters Azur Lane. Abandon all hopes. Resistance is futile.
All the cruisers, battleships and carriers are represented by cute girls. And one of them is now the famous virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI.

So if you asked yourself if the horrors of "The Fog" was the reason I kept quiet for a few days, the answer is no! It was Azur Lane to blame.
And now end of this post, I need to take over my new battleship.

Download from the Play Store: Azur Lane


The Fog Night!

Midnight... April 22nd !


Build some email subscriptions for my blogs and netcasts

Like I mentioned, I set up some email subscriptions for my blogs and netcasts to make sure there is always a way to get new posts directly and uncensored. It's probably the safest way for you to keep updated.
Social Networks are not trustworthy and do "hide" some postings from you. Not when YOU are in control and get notices from the source directly.