The Fog Night!

Midnight... 22nd April!


Build some email subscriptions for my blogs and netcasts

Like I mentioned, I set up some email subscriptions for my blogs and netcasts to make sure there is always a way to get new posts directly and uncensored. It's probably the safest way for you to keep updated.
Social Networks are not trustworthy and do "hide" some postings from you. Not when YOU are in control and get notices from the source directly.


Having enough Huawei/Honor closing your apps?

Here is the solution for EMUI/Magic UI users (tested on version 9).

In addition to set to "App Launch manual" in the battery settings you absolutely need to do another step you can see in the video to stop the OS from closing your background apps.

To bad this isn't an opt-in but opt-out solution, but at least you can turn it off per app.

If people with no clue about the Internet rules it

...welcome to the EU

EU countries show they live in the past driven by big media corps to put their will on people minds. That's why old media WILL die. They can make it illegal, but they can't stop it.

Groupe bouquetins et chevaux.jpg
By Codex - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


Problem with accepting scientific results in public

That pretty much sums it up...

Were you as unimpressed as me when you first saw that hyped first "photograph" of a black hole?


Kizuna Ai Ai Ai Ai ... love it :)

YouTube Channel:- Kizuna AI

Great! But can we remove those 3D people? 2D is so much better.

More Email...

Yes, Email is still relevant (pun intended).
No, it's still the king! With social networks being obsolete and RSS becoming more rare, it's time to subscribe to more mailing-lists again. Thanks to modern mail-services, there is a perfect separation of different types of mails, so they won't bother me on my phone, but still getting every bit of free, uncensored information.

Update: Here we go. You can now subscribe to this Blog via Mail:


Capitalism and upper class love anarchy apparently

You think anarchy is "teh beszt way to show those rich bastards" who is in charge?

Think again...

Yes it's only a game, but I'll guess quite realistic to a certain point. :)

Making an article out of an idea on the float

I love when I want to write a short note and ending up writing a little article.

Just happend with my thoughts about Openbook who wants to take on Facebook.
I chose to have my own place. Where no one is telling me what I can or not at first.

Messenger Groups like those in Line Messenger, Telegram or even WhatsApp is the future of free speech even for a big audience. And for things that need to be open in public for anyone... yes, there it is: A website or blog. A place you call home (isn't that a nice music video).


Industry Nicknames

Industry Nicknames:
Image caption:
As far as "being in the pocket of Big Egg" goes, I think the real threat is Chansey.


Memes The World vs. EU

Article 11 & 13... the censorship directive.

You know the world is awesome when... (1)

you can drink a beverage in a Star Wars can with R2-D2 on it.

Skål !