Got a shiny Mamoswine on PokΓ©mon Community Day

Yeah the community was a success. I've got a shiny Mamoswine (oh that name) with a good attack. Nope not the weak attack from the special. I waited until I got the regular attack which is much better.
This time the community day was fun again since it gave some nice extras.


One Room is one strange anime

Huh there isn't much in anime that I dont understand. But "One Room" is something that leaves me clueless. 
I see that it wants to take you into the story but there is no real dialogue. 
I think this just isn't made for me 😊.
Apparently it has a stable fan base. 


Germans (and western Europe) sees USA as a danger for the world

Here we go, exactly what I experienced is now official:
You think people in Germany/Western Europe fears Russia in panic so they really need more nukes?
NOPE! You're very wrong. Most people there fear the USA.

With the amount of anti-Russian propaganda in Europes mass media, this is quite remarkable. Sounds like people still have a brain to build up their own mind about things and don't believe things just right away.

Source: n-tv.de
Snapshot on archive.org to circumvent possible changes after that: Article on Archive.org



Google+ on Blogger.com is history

Google+ integration in blogger.com removed.
Bye bye forever, Google+ :(


Worst half time show ever 🏈

Luckily I had more hot dogs with onion rings. 🏈 


About 3 1/2 hours to go...

...but the hot dogs are already here. 

🏈 Ready for the game #rannfl #superbowl 🏈

Vegan style. Missing in the photo: Onion rings in vast numbers πŸ™‚ 
Let the super bowl begin 🏈 


Recommendation to watch "I, Tonya"

What an interesting movie. I was very surprised. Seems that truth will always find a way to persist.
I always liked Tonya Harding. She was the best.


It's recharging time

Those poor power banks need some serious attention.
I hope they are still working.
Some of them were discharged completely at some point. That's not a good sign.

Note to self: If you prepare an emergency kit for disasters, regularly check the power banks and batteries.


Edgar Allan Poe born today 210 years ago

That's right. On January 19, 1809 the great author and inventor of modern short stories was born. Is it appropriate to wish happy birthday for a master of the dark literature? πŸ€”

1849 "Annie" daguerreotype of Poe
Edgar Allan Poe 1849, Public Domain, Link

"Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?"  (from "A dream within a dream" poem)


Social Networks are history

I have my own social network now. Jetzt it's a Line-Messenger Group. And so people can reach me there and use unbelievable versatile features to interact in this group and communicate with each other.

Common social networks are either dead (Google+ shutdown is right around the corner) or completely crap, insecure and horrible censored.

The idea is not new. Not even close. In some countries, such groups have more merit than any social network. So why not doing the same with the people around and their friends and so on.

No it's not public, but well, a censored public is not as important to me as an uncensored non-public space.