In case your wondering what I'm doing instead of put out senseless things on censored social networks...
Improving my handwriting.



The world is so imperfect, I often ask myself how it could happen that it works at all.


Stay away from me, I ate a burrito O.o

Approach at your own risk...


Pens, pens, pens and planner

As you might notice, I'm very busy at the moment.
I improved my own writing-system and I managed to build my new planner system (yes, offline with pen & paper).
It's now under heavy testing and optimizing. It needs a month or two I'll guess before I publish it. In the meantime I can tell you that it is not a bullet journal nor a normal calendar.

It's a flexible, easy and non-expensive way to manage your time. It can be a piece of art, or just a plain simple table. You have all the freedom to style your "version" of it.

Besides that I'm testing a lot of stationary stuff, which I will tell you about it soon.
Wow, when my old teachers see this... :D



Restored 2 Lamy Fountain Pens

I got my hands on 2 Lamy fountain pens.
The both were in pretty bad shape. So I decided to give it a try to restore them.
The white one is about 34 years old. It was used in the first years, but then, according to my information, replaced by several other types, mainly due to requirements of the school. It hast a pretty hefty dent on top under the Lamy logo. Deep scratches and the cap don't stick.
The olive Lamy is at least 23 years old and has been little used from time to time, but rests in the desk for about 11 years. It's in good shape so far.

Both have been cleaned, tip cleaned and maintained, and protected for the next years. I use Ballistol oil to conserve the thread and the tip when not in use for a long time. This oil does not harm the plastic.
The white one is stored in the desk, while the olive Lamy will be in real usage again.  After a bit oiling and polishing it's in good condition and ready to scratch the paper!

It feels good to get this cult fountain pens back to life.


Addicted to paper writing ?

Let's see how this is going :) ... It's the most unusual thing happen to me in recent times O.o

Be with me on my start to writing on paper, improve my handwriting (need to improve a lot) and taking notes on a paper notebook after using computer and smartphones for decades. 

I plan to digitize notes and organize them both on paper and on electronic devices. Just to make sure I'll have access to it everywhere.

Remember when I tell you this blog is art? It is. Expect blog posting appear as handwritten articles!

Android 9.0 has arrived

Unexpectedly yesterday evening, Android 9 Pie (no no no why not Peppermint?) arrived on my Pixel XL. Looks great so far, but the Adaptive Battery feature will be horrible for normal users, resulting in messages and schedule notification not working. First thing to do: Turn it off!

Other than that it already feels more stable than Android Oreo ever did. I'll push it to the limits today. Let's see.


Fighting the heat

I really have problems to do the Netcasts at the moment. It's too hot in my house. Horrible.
Now I have a new tool to fight the heat.
A personal space cooler. It's not a full-fledged air conditioner. That would be way too loud for recording. This one just cools anything in the air flow by vaporizing water. It cools about 4° Celsius and helps big time with low noise.
So I hope I can get more focus while recording.

And a word for our "great journalists" about the heat: Stop reporting that it's "great weather". It's not. people, animals and the environment is suffering and this heat wave will cost billions. There is already shortage on water in regions where it's never supposed to be dry in any part of the year. It's horrible and not fun! Screw this crappy journalism. People need to get protection and it's not playtime.


Too hot to do anything

Man, I'm not made for temperatures above 80° Fahrenheit. Geez.
Can't do nothing. Blogging? Not even thinking about that. I need to go north for the season I'll guess.
TromsĂž are you ready for me?

I'll probably rent a vacation home there next year.


Yay. Congratulations France

Congratulations for the win of the world cup 2018.
Great game!

The cup only moved a few kilometers to the west 🙂