Google+ shuts down even earlier

After a new security incident Google+ shuts down earlier than planned recently.
Now the dead of Google's social network is set to April 2019.

The four month speed-up cam after Google learned that email addresses, names, occupation and age was exposed to developers. That is not so great. Google is in a hurry to shut down what seems a security nightmare.

Interesting. And we thought it was well secured. Probably the lack of work time set for Google+ to update and maintain it lead quickly to a disaster.

I said it: New features means problems with the Google Assistant

I knew it.
Every time Google is announcing new features for their Google Assistant, my home devices go berserk.
Home Mini and Google Home had massive problems for 2 days again. Sigh.
I'm looking forward for my Echo Dot 3 in the coming weeks. I already placed the order.
It's sad to see Google losing all the strength from previous times, while heading to be unreliable even on their main services. Or maybe the main service are shifting because the money bags from Alphabet seem to know everything better... I don't know. But I don't care. I'm a consumer and I want the promised future...


So, the CEBIT is no more...

Well it did not come on surprise for me. The focus on companies instead of consumers had to be a problem some day.
When digital is the normal standard, there is no sense in having such an event "for all things digital" . At least without the main focus on consumer. Those events keep on flourishing because people have a lot to ask about the digital world. They have their own problems to get a glimpse of what it means to be "digital".
The too late and too weak was the try last year to go a news way.

Every time it is the same. They just don't learn. Companies that focus on businesses are failing if "that thing" comes to the public attention and reachable for normal consumers. So put it like you want, the dead of the reputable business show was inevitable. I'm not sad. It the right way to put this to an end. Maybe we will see a new show. Maybe not. Big online shops take better care of informing the users than those events did, because consumers are their one and only focus. But of course they color it for their needs. That's the only bit where I hesitate about. But that seems also inevitable.


Fountain Pens first

I have to write a first draft with a fountain pen before I type it up as a second. 
-Colm Toibin

The next step...Hello Alexa

Since Google keeps destroying things and ruin everything, I now took the next step and bought an Amazon Echo.
I will thoroughly test it when it arrives in direct comparisons  with the Google Home system. Since the Assistant getting worse and worse for me, not recognizing commands and voices correctly, I think it's time for a try.
Last week Google managed to completely disabling "ok google" voice recognition on my Pixel XL even when the phone was unlocked and screen on. Even when I was directly in the Google App, it did not recognize the hotword.
I manages to get it working again just this morning bei deleting the voice model. Retraining was not possible on the Pixel (again "ok google" not recognized even in training mode). Fortunately it uses my voice model from the Google Home and Home Mini I have.

So Google Assistant is losing features, problems with voice recognition, sometimes completely disabling it, can not restore it directly, bugs, bugs, bugs. Every fricking update is a nightmare. This is not AI, this is just programming chaos out of control.

Let's see what Alexa does. I don't need a "fake AI", I need a product functioning reliably. Period!


Ordered a custom pen from Lotus Pens

I'm really excited about. I'm not quite telling you what custom pen it will be.
You'll have to wait 4-5 weeks, like I do to get the pen ;).

I'm pretty sure it will be awesome, and if everything works with the custom engraving, it has a message.
Hint: It will be a  timey wimey  fountain pen. :)

It will be all hand-made from India, by the much praised Arun Singhia with a special acrylic that I chose especially for a reason. More details when it arrives.
I'm excited as you might recognize ;)


Jinhao 886 arrived

Another great Jinhao pen arrived. The Jinhao 886 has a fine nib and works great together with the Rohrer & Klingner Leipziger Schwarz ink.

A short test video might come later this week.

I really like the Jinhao Pens lately as you know. Some special nibs (fude) will arrive soon in different sizes.


Today is day of men!

Celebrate it, folks.



The worst ink is better than the best memory
- Chinese Proverb



Another blog or just more content?

And there is the question once more.
Should I open new blog for my new passion "Fountain Pens" and "Stationary" or just add more content to one of my existing blogs?
A tough decision, since my post frequency is quite low. On the other hand, I totally get that people don't like blogs with "everything" in it. This only works on such microblogs as this one, where you expect just posts of my life.

I'll keep on thinking about that and posting videos of pens on YouTube. Maybe I should just keep on doing that there exclusively. Oh but wait... the same problem O.o. Another channel or just add more content? *sigh*