Yay. Congratulations France

Congratulations for the win of the world cup 2018.
Great game!

The cup only moved a few kilometers to the west 🙂



News from the soccer world

Now real food will be served again at the World Cup 😃


When the Google Assistant keeps getting worse

What is this nonsense on my phone?

I hate to say it, but the Google Assistant has nothing to do with AI. Instead of learning what I use everyday it get worse with the voice recognition.
"Turn on outlet one" which controls my outlets, turns on all lights suddenly, and the second time i tried it understands "turn on alcatel one" . What the ...?
Google please.

First learn the damn commands I give almost everyday and make them priority for recognition.


Got Shiggy today

As Shiny, and with sunglasses 😊.
But playing Pokémon Go ist more and more like work. That's something I don't like.


One out of 10000 reasons to live in Japan: Vending Machines

Japanese Vending Machines Exposed !

Such a great thing. I love them.

That's true. Pokémon Go ist still the mobile game. Period.

How Pokémon Go Still Dominates Two Years After Its Explosive Debut


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Sony gave you the full movie on YouTube by mistake

Bwahaha. Now someone will lose its job I'll guess. Or should Sony die themselves? 😂


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The wrong place?!

In terms of new technologies and progression, I feel Europe is no longer the place to be in the future. Poor Europeans.
Even more distracting, many people there think it's the right way to hinder tech and Internet. A horribly wrong approach to the new problems that comes with technology.

You can't change anything by trying to stop it. Evolution will stop for nothing an no one. Either you're with it or you will be extinct. And technological progression is part of the evolution. It's been that way since the first human uses a stone tool to their advantage.
It was always the main factor for humans to survive. It will be the same for the future.


Got my Opinel Pairing Knives

Yes, carbon steel all the way. If you properly maintaining your blade, nothing is better than a carbon steel knife.
Sharpening is a breeze, survives decades and can be sharper than anything.
Opinel has a great tradition in carbon blades.
Vive la France!


Listening to Perfume「ねぇ」

It's the theme song from チーズスイートホーム, Chīzu Suīto Hōmu / Chi's sweet home


Awwww... is someone crying?

Not fair?
Then please punish Germany and draw back the troops to defend this bad country. Pretty please...

via [n-tv]: Trump kritisiert Deutschland