Social Networks are history

I have my own social network now. Jetzt it's a Line-Messenger Group. And so people can reach me there and use unbelievable versatile features to interact in this group and communicate with each other.

Common social networks are either dead (Google+ shutdown is right around the corner) or completely crap, insecure and horrible censored.

The idea is not new. Not even close. In some countries, such groups have more merit than any social network. So why not doing the same with the people around and their friends and so on.

No it's not public, but well, a censored public is not as important to me as an uncensored non-public space.


This is why we shouldn't fight each other

Living on a tiny little spot fighting over even less important stuff. Just look at this and imagine how unbelievably irrelevant it is to fight over things like country borders.


Today is Sir Isaac Newtons Birthday!

Let's celebrate the birthday of Sir Isaac Newton. I'll guess there will be a party somewhere :).

Portrait of man in black with shoulder-length, wavy brown hair, a large sharp nose, and a distracted gaze
By After Godfrey Kneller - http://www.newton.cam.ac.uk/art/portrait.html, Public Domain, Link


Happy birthday Tia Carrere

Yes it's her birthday today. Relic Hunter and so much more 🙂.
I like her acting so much.

A new year brings new habits

Or not... That, we wil see.
But I will focus more on my microblog here. Yes, because after Twitter is no reliable way to put out stuff, and the privacy hype is fully upon us thanks to the EU, I will take my posts even more back in my own hands.

It's a microblog primarily. But you know, I will post probably more extensive posts here too. That's an advantage. But also expect things like "I ate a banana". Don't get mad, it's my own Twitter, and I'm gonna use it!

Yes, no comments, because they made bloggers shut you up. But you're free to share this everywhere and discuss it there. I'll make some buttons available so you can give me feedback if you like. I'm probably opening a Line Group chat for you.
Yes Line... sorry nothing else. It's the most used messenger in Japan by far and the best chat/messaging client on this planet. And I use only the best! But I will announce that separately if it happens.

Have a good time in 2019!

Reblog: A message from Richard M. Stallman

Good news on the beginning of 2019.
Progress for Replicant is very important imho. Nice to see the free software movement is thriving. Now free software should even more focus on normal consumers and their needs to be a reliable alternative to unfree solutions.

From the FSF:
The donation from the Pineapple Fund arrived in the form of Bitcoin and had gone down to around $860,000 by the time we could convert it all to dollars. Around half of the donation from Handshake is earmarked for specific software projects; some of that will go to improving Replicant, the free Android fork, but that half won't help fund the FSF's general operations.
We will need to add part of these donations to our reserves, which are meant to enable us to keep operating in the case of a possible downturn. That still leaves enough to expand our staff by two or three positions. We will be able to do some of the work that always needed doing but that we could not undertake.
We have added a position to the tech team so that they can upgrade the support platforms for GNU packages -- repositories, Web pages, translation, testing -- and publish about how we run the FSF without nonfree software.
We intend also to add another person to the Licensing and Compliance team, which certifies distributions and products and enforces the GNU General Public License. Because of the success of Respects Your Freedom, we have a long backlog of products to evaluate. Expanding the team will increase our ability to help people purchase hardware that runs entirely on free software.
We will also fund development of free JavaScript code to make certain Web sites function in the free world. Making sites depend on sending users nonfree JavaScript code has become fashionable, so that organizations and even governments do it without even thinking about it. The option to communicate with Web sites without running nonfree software is a crucial part of freedom for users of the World Wide Web. We will also continue improving the GNU LibreJS extension, and making GNU IceCat protect against JavaScript spyware techniques.
This year's surprise one-time donations make it possible for us to hire additional staff and do more work, but we can't coast very long on them alone; we will need to continue paying the staff to keep doing the work. Most of our income, these donations aside, comes from individual donors giving less than $200 a year. To carry on with this work, we need your support.
The increased operations, as we are planning them now, will still not do all that needs to be done to win freedom in computing. You can enable us to continue -- and to undertake the other work that we are still not doing -- by joining the Free Software Foundation or donating now. Even better, do both!
Original: https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/a-message-from-richard-m-stallman


Happy New Year 2019!

I wish you a really great year 2019.
May it be a safe and gentle year for everyone on this planet somewhere in the Solar-System, in our galaxy, in the local group, in the Virgo Supercluster, in the Pisces-Cetus Supercluster, in the universe, in the multiverse.


Something you might want to consider...

Discover Your Innerself. Especially with this song! Arpeggiators go.


Yes, it's Nakatomi Plaza


Merry Christmas

This year I'm breaking with my tradition to wish you a merry Kissmas, but I wish you a merry Christmas. Yupp, Christmas. Just because it is Christmas. :)

So have a good one at Nakatomi Plaza ;)!
Gizmo is already waiting there...


Google+ shuts down even earlier

After a new security incident Google+ shuts down earlier than planned recently.
Now the dead of Google's social network is set to April 2019.

The four month speed-up cam after Google learned that email addresses, names, occupation and age was exposed to developers. That is not so great. Google is in a hurry to shut down what seems a security nightmare.

Interesting. And we thought it was well secured. Probably the lack of work time set for Google+ to update and maintain it lead quickly to a disaster.

I said it: New features means problems with the Google Assistant

I knew it.
Every time Google is announcing new features for their Google Assistant, my home devices go berserk.
Home Mini and Google Home had massive problems for 2 days again. Sigh.
I'm looking forward for my Echo Dot 3 in the coming weeks. I already placed the order.
It's sad to see Google losing all the strength from previous times, while heading to be unreliable even on their main services. Or maybe the main service are shifting because the money bags from Alphabet seem to know everything better... I don't know. But I don't care. I'm a consumer and I want the promised future...