Watching Victorious Marathon #stayathome

Victorious Non-Stop.
Feeling: Motivated


The Fog Night

It's on... Midnight April, 22nd


Played through Uncharted 2

Yes, once again. Just finished Uncharted 2. What a great game. 
Soon for 3... The best part of it all.


This Soundtrack always give me goosebumps

On an adventure with Nathan Drake.
Greatness from small beginnings.
Hey that's my theme. 


Ready for the Super Bowl 2020


This is not even everything I have ready. But there was no more room to show. 😄
Plan for the next 2 month: Diet

Added 2020-02-03:
Well, that was an awesome bowl. Wow. Patrick Mahomes really earned great respect now. Congrats to the team and the fans. What a ride.


Morning Haiku

Here is my Haiku for today:

Joy in the morning
The sun is rising again 
Emacs starting now

And in German:

Freude am Morgen
Die Sonne geht wieder auf
Emacs startet nun


And it starts again...

Uncharted - Drake's Fortune remastered
Already having goosebumps bz listening to the epic soundtrack from the intro.
Let's go Nathan. For the adventure...



You know you're distracted when you have 2400+ articles to read through but you're start playing "Tales of Wind" on your smartphone and blogging about it... 🥺 *sigh*


I'm getting ready for a new blog

Wow, wait a minute. Another one?
Don't fear, I'm going to consolidate some of my blogs. In the end there will be only ryocentral.info and this microblog left, together with the new one. Several other will jump the shark and put in archive mode.
The new blog's language ist still undecided.
In addition to those blogs I will of course scatter articles unrelated to those topics on open platforms or services to decentralize as good as possible.

Oh and yes, I'll give Github Pages a try. It has some limitations, but it looks like a good solution for using emacs. And that's what I want. However, installation of Jekyll and Nikola both completely failed on my work system and can't be used. Sigh.
I'll keep up to that topic... Android App for Jekyll or Nikola anyone?


Just an update on the "The C64"

The retro style computer called The C64 or C64 Maxi has been arrived in December as planned.

I talked about this in my weekly show before and I wanted to give you an update here.

The form of having a full sized C64 on the table is awesome. High compatibility with almost all .d64 and .prg files for both (!) C64 and VIC-20 makes it even more fun.

As a display I revived my old VGA LCD from Sony and attached a HDMI to VGA Adapter to it. It works great since the monitor is nearly 4:3 like the original output of the Commodore computers. On a 16:9 you have really some serious black areas left and right of the actual picture.

The solution with the included Competition Pro Style joystick to switch USB ports for joystick port 1 and 2 is great and brings back that feeling or rage we all had on that computer.
The joystick has microswitches which was that big thing those days. However mine needed a bit work by opening and using tiny amounts of Ballistol oil on the switches and all moving parts, so that it won't get stuck on random directions frequently.

To draw a conclusion, it makes a lot of fun playing around and even more to program in basic, saving and reusing it. That is exactly what I've missed. So yeah, while you can all achieve practically for free on your PC, it feels like the real deal. One step away from having an actual old C64 or VIC-20 on your table.


A Happy New(s) Year 2020

Yes, I know I'm late.
The new year begins as stressful as the old one ended.

It's not to late though to wish you a Happy New Year 2020. 🥳

Have a lot of fun!