Just an update on the "The C64"

The retro style computer called The C64 or C64 Maxi has been arrived in December as planned.

I talked about this in my weekly show before and I wanted to give you an update here.

The form of having a full sized C64 on the table is awesome. High compatibility with almost all .d64 and .prg files for both (!) C64 and VIC-20 makes it even more fun.

As a display I revived my old VGA LCD from Sony and attached a HDMI to VGA Adapter to it. It works great since the monitor is nearly 4:3 like the original output of the Commodore computers. On a 16:9 you have really some serious black areas left and right of the actual picture.

The solution with the included Competition Pro Style joystick to switch USB ports for joystick port 1 and 2 is great and brings back that feeling or rage we all had on that computer.
The joystick has microswitches which was that big thing those days. However mine needed a bit work by opening and using tiny amounts of Ballistol oil on the switches and all moving parts, so that it won't get stuck on random directions frequently.

To draw a conclusion, it makes a lot of fun playing around and even more to program in basic, saving and reusing it. That is exactly what I've missed. So yeah, while you can all achieve practically for free on your PC, it feels like the real deal. One step away from having an actual old C64 or VIC-20 on your table.