Going to eat something while others spying

Yes you won't believe it. I'll leave the house :D
For some minutes. Need to pick up some food. Hungry like a vegan wolf.

Jeseník dalekohledem
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
All this news makes me hungry. These days, some show their real face in the comments on that spy-topic. 
Looks like paranoia is something not only present in Europe. Some Americans should be ashamed of killing freedom for a false "protection". There is nothing to protect anymore if you killed freedom.
In the related articles you find why goverment spying on you is a bad idea even if you have "nothing to hide". Oh and btw. EVERYONE has something to hide. If not your life are way too boring. You only assume that nobody is interesting in your cat photos. But hey, a book in the background of your photo with a cat in front, can be very interesting sometimes.