No escape: Bought GTA V and a PS3

I couldn't resist.
I bought GTA V. I didn't want to buy a PS3 again, after my old one died 2 years ago. But GTA 5 (or GTA V) is too good.
The PS4 is not backward compatible :(.

This also means, I won't buy a PS4 at launch. I think Sony should have hand over some millions to Rockstar to get this game out on the PS4. Too bad Sony, now I'll wait for an undisclosed period of time.

Even worse: I will buy Battlefield 4 for the PC now, instead of the planned PS4-Version. Huh, now I asked myself, is there any reason to buy a PS4? Yeah, if anywhere in the future, GTA V Episodes or GTA 6 comes out. Before that? There must be a little wonder then...