Not f'd - Alternative Microblogging services

Took a look at quitter.se and LoadAverage.org.
Nice, especially quitter. The name is brilliant, too :). All better than the proprietary twitter stuff. They are based on status net, and communicate between each other. So no matter where you sign up, you'll end up in the same network.
However, I don't feel the need to use yet another microblogging service (hey, is YAMS already taken? Nobody thought about that great name? RLY?).
I do microblogging here anyway. On my own blog. Why not? If I want to switch once more, it has to be a central platform, where all comes together, and from where it pushes to other services. The only way to keep the data together, free from others, and still get seen.

I know someone in Germany is working on that :). I hope it doesn't take much longer, before nobody cares about the free Internet anymore and using Facebook for anything.

Oh and mentioning Facebook. I'm fully supporting this:

Not f'd — you won't find me on Facebook

Please, stop using Facebook. Make your own Facebook, it's easy. It's called a blog, and it's your very own space, where Mark Zuckerberg and the spying agencies can STFU!

Have a nice day everyone.