Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fiddling a bit with BuddyCube Beta

Ah, a new social network? Bring it on.
Well, it looks interesting and has some advantages over Twitter

It almost look like a mix of Twitter and Google+. Definitely a bit more like Google+ though :)
On new posts there is a 1000 character limit, which is over 7 times more than you can post on Twitter. Very nice.
There are special class of posts for food, location, music, gaming etc. Those will then be sorted in streams. A good idea that doesn't disrupt your stream, but helps to filter it.

BuddyCube is from, which offers hosted OwnCloud space and admin packages for installing more software. They promise high security and let users chose where the server should be located. 
The server for BuddyCube is in Iceland, where neither the jurisdiction of the USA nor the one from Europe applies and free speech is rated highly.

Let's see. Problem will be to get this thing thriving.