The little gamer discussion... I want to play and not discuss it

English: Felicia Day, actress and web content ...
English: Felicia Day, actress and web content producer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But sometimes you have to make an exception.
I'm a gamer and this campaign against videogames are ridiculous. I can totally understand the rage of some. 
If you got constantly push toward the edge, you'll someday turn around and it won't be nice.
The feminists and the sensationalist "journalists" should get a life. That's the thing you constantly say to the gamers. Now it seems that we are not the ones who see racism, sexism and brutality behind every corner. You do, mass media and populists. You know there are a lot of cool gamer girls that thinks it's just great.

So I joined the discussion on Felicia Day's post on Google+. Please read the whole article or you'll miss the point. Felicia Day is a gamer.