4 years after Fukushima the accident is still in progress

You might think it's over and there is no more danger after the horrible Tsunami in Japan 2011, which results in a triple reactor meltdown. Think again. Not only the polluted area is still uninhabitable, but new pollution happens every day.

We are speaking of a big amount of radiation released every day. And the pure ┬ÁS number for measuring the level of radiation, is not only way too much for people to stay for a longer time, but the Cesium 137 is one of the main concerns because it is an especially harmful isotope for the body.
It also proves, that the containment or the molten reactor cores, are not under control and still evaporates in the environment.

Together with isotopes that will stay for hundreds of thousand of years, this is far from being over. It's in full progress. It makes clear that there is no safety in running nuclear power and the risks after an accident are extremely high. You can't just wipe the floor and do business as usual.