Start saving food: Earth Day 2015 with Mr. Jingles

Google is always good for some special treats. Mr. Jingle comes today in the shape of a globe, smiling for Earth Day 2015.

I'm going to take the Earth Day today, to start stop wasting any food. Yes, even vegans are wasting food.
Thinking about how you can reuse the rest of your meal, or how to reduce the things you chop off and throw away when cooking, is not as easy as you thought.

  • I like juices. So I'll having a juicer, of course. The leftovers in the filters can be used to bake a delicious cake.
  • Many things you chop off from plants, can be used to make a tasty soup. 
  • Leftovers from meals can be used to make different kinds of amazing stews.
  • Dry bread or bagels (don't use mold bread) can be soaked in soy milk and then roasted in a pan with oil and sugar. Delicious.
  • Leftover from fruits (not the shells) can be put in a mixer with soy milk or juice. Add some stevia or sugar and boost it with some vegetables. Here comes your healthy smoothie.
  • You only have a few fruits left? You also can cut it in pieces, add some mild vinegar, a bit water and sugar and serve a natural fruit salad.
  • Cornflakes all crumbed? Don't throw it away. Melt some dark chocolate and stir the cornflakes crumb in it and shape it in little globes or bars and let it cool out completely. Sweet greatness!
Sure, there are more ways to save food from throwing away. Let me know if you have more tricks to reuse it.
And credits to +Scot Duke , which inspired me to do so in his posting.

Photo "Mr.Jingles Earth Day" by Google Inc. All rights reserved.