Republica 2015: Hipster-meeting or hope for the internet?

It's strange. When German media is covering the Republica 2015, they prefer scenes with devices from a particular manufacturer in it. 
Is this the real situation, or distorted?
I'm not quite sure about it. The Republica is so far away from the real problems and the somewhat 90% of bloggers and net users, it wouldn't surprise me if the usage of devices didn't reflect the market shares at all.
If "digital natives" and "netizens" mean to be bound on one manufacturer that rule with iron fist, I'm glad that these names are worth nothing.
Oh really? Nope, this is not representing me...
Screenshot taken from tagesschau.de. Copyright by ARD. All rights reserved.
But maybe it is just the media that thinks is so cool. You know, dear Tagesschau, kick your hipster out of the team that thinks someone want to see company logos. If you want to crawl up someones a.. you should mark your story as an ADVERTISEMENT!