Dumb "Google+ is dead" posts are really annoying

Today the Netcasts will be all about the scandal in Germany trying to suppress journalists that do their job, instead of protecting the citizens against criminal acts of foreign secret services.

But there is more... The stupid wave of posts about Google+'s dead. Again for the how many what do I know times. This is so ridiculous. And the top social media "I don't have something real, so I talk bullcrap and Facebook users listen" fraction are chiming in once again.

See, if you are posting crap and it gets popular on Facebook and not on Google+, it's not a good thing for Facebook. It proves that it's not the place for someone posting real interesting things.

So please, stop trying to post crap on Google+. Facebook welcomes you. You don't love Google+? Leave it. Leave the people alone at Google+ that have to say something really important.
And if Google+ is irrelevant, so is your post about Google+'s dead, right?