Instantly bought a new Chromecast Lemon

I've ordered the new Chromecast in Lemon the day. Finally you can buy something within the hour of the presentation. Good. That's how it should be, worldwide with any product. If you're not ready, don't introduce it.

However, that was not the reason I bought one. I tried the old Chromecast a few days ago, and it was horrible. Not working. No chance. It has problems with some widely used popular routers in Europe. There is no "expert option" to configure it manually. Horrible. I hope it will be working with the new Chromecast, that now has better Wifi-Support, or even have a method to configure it manually to hook it into your network.

For the Chromecast Audio, I'm all for it. But I realized that you can't just use your speaker. You need an amplifier in between. What kind of speakers do they have? A speaker has no amplifier but will be connected to one. Those "bluetooth" speakers or small transportable speakers with integrated amplifiers are either very bad or very expensive.
So I'll first take a look for a good, small amplifier that I can attach to my speaker, and then I'm gonna purchase the Chromecast Audio to plug into it.
I think advertising this as connects to any speaker, is misleading.

But I appreciate the new devices and look forward to get them. Oh it will be shipped on October 12th. That means no new Chromecast here before October 15th. Oh dear, that wait...