More articles coming... and more is going on

I'm going to greatly increase my amount of articles of my different blogs. To make it as less annoying as possible I set up new collections within Google+. I'll keep using that collections, so you can easily unsubscribe from a collection if a topic is not interesting for you, and still keep me in your circles.

For people on Twitter I hope you can bear it. There is no way to curate the stream for you.

I also want to be more active on Pinterest. I'm still not convinced I need an Instagram account.

Some minor design changes on this microblog has been made. I had problems with consistency as the given post template couldn't be used when writing via different clients. So I'll made the normal font a little bigger and got rid of the green color.

So I hope you're not to annoyed by these upcoming changes. I'm working hard to give you more interesting stuff.