Manjaro installation tricks (may be outdated)

Just found that note I wrote for myself on my harddrive.
Maybe you can get use out of it. Do it at your own risk.
It may be outdated, but yeah, anyway for archiving purposes:

Manjaro Install tips

***To get Chromium running
sudo yaourt -S chromium-pepper-flash
No to all edit questions.
Warnings about making as root, better do it as user

***xbacklight & system brightness
counts for Manjaro, too: http://www.ryocentral.info/2013/07/getting-xbacklight-and-brightness-keys.html
But you need to change the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT to:
Insert after "quiet splash": "acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor"
Do not alter anything after "resume=..."
The line should then look something like this:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor resume=/dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx"

***Printer doesn't work (Brother HL-2030)
None of the Brother driver works HL2030/2035/1250
Visit http://www.openprinting.org/ppd-o-matic.php , select your printer and download a PPD-File.
Then select "Manually provide a PPD-File" in Settings-> Printer-> configure-> select custom driver