Germany's CSU openly requests censorship

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 to all the readers!

Looks like some politicians from the German government party CSU drank too much. In a paper, the party openly requests censorship from social networks like Twitter by deleting so-called "hate messages" before they are posted.
That would be a classic censorship used in totalitarian regimes to undermine people free speech.

I'll guess 2016 will be the battle for freedom. Looks like many EU governments are not on the list of the free speech supporters.
Poland got his democracy beheaded, Ukraine ruled by fascists, some European countries closing borders to make clear refugees are not welcome, and a totally confusing German policy.
That's a bad start for the year. I hope they will come together and stop this crap.

I don't know, but do you have the feeling something is going very wrong at he moment, too?