Blogger isn't compatible to Google Photos anymore

I'm really thinking about to leave the blogger platform.
Today I wanted to embed a panorama photo made by Google Photos and ... it isn't there.
I discovered that no automatically improved photos are available to embed within the blogger photo selector.
This crosses the border. I chose blogger.com because it's a Google service and wanted seamless integration of all other Google services like YouTube and fro easily embedding photos. Well, now YouTube video embedding is horrible (too small, not variable) and photos aren't going to appear. Crap.
Now what? *sigh* I don't know... if the non-existing monetizing on social platforms wouldn't be a problem, I may have already ditched blogger completely. I'm having enough.

Update 2016-06-06: Even trying to embed videos via the movie-link from Google Photos failed sometimes. You know this is frustrating. I'll end up uploading stuff twice for Google Photos and for Blogger. This is horrible.