Pokémon Diary: I took over my first gym today

I went for Pokéstops today. I need Pokéballs. They go away like flowing water. Sometimes I need 4-5 balls for a fricking Weedle. What's happening? I also spent 14 Pokéballs on a stronger one. This is embarrassing. It's definitely getting harder with higher levels. Shouldn't it be the other way around? If I'm a high level player it should be easier not harder to get a common Pokémon. I can tell you it's not.

I also got a Machoke today which I evolved from a Machop.
Alone at the Pokégym, I won against three Pokémons there.
The best thing is, my 630cp Pigeotto won against a 1018cp Pokémon 3 times. Wow.
That marks my first complete takeover of a gym. Woohoo!
And even better, it was a real hard fight at a level 3 gym with tough opponents.

I also hatched this little fellows today, The female Nidoran is a new one for me. Boom!