A random selfie... bored waiting for the new tech stuff

Don't know what to do...
I'm waiting for Google Allo, the new Nexus phones and the Dash Buttons from Amazon.
At least the buttons should come today. Allo? Pretty please?

I'm so bored by technology these days. New stuff takes to long to appear. Most things from IFA will probably never make it to the mass markets because all the nay-sayers.
Yes I want the camera in my fridge :). I want that light bulbs connected with my WiFi and still have money left to pay the electricity bill.
Even Google gets slowed down by all the anti-tech people. New stuff seems to creep out many. So they artificially slow down rollouts while people that really want those features are left in the dust.
It's hard to live together with these tech lamers in society. Sorry. And I'm not even speaking about the tinfoil guys... *sigh*