EuGH verdict is a disaster for blogs

Especially for own microblogs.
Live by the link, die by the link. And I'm not talking about Nintendo here.
It's an essential thing for blogs. The future is dark grey in Europe for new small media projects.

In the past I referred to old media and new media. Now I need to change my language. It's small media and big media.
The small ones can't afford to link the source or giving useful hyperlinks to other sites.

And so if you wonder, why our fellow European internet users don't link back to you, that's because they can't check hundreds of links and the links from your links and so on. You can read it about it here:  The EuGH Link Disaster - It might be worse than you think
Yupp, I have a bad feeling about this.

Europe... where businesses are your enemies and your law giving holiness at once.