And the propaganda against the free press a.k.a. Fake News continues

Well, in Germany a green party member sues against a made up post on Facebook. In that post, which obviously a wrong claim was made and a false claimed source cited. She was apparently wrongly accused she did something.

Huh, if this is really a crime in publications, mainstream media would die instantly. You can read it every day in major newspapers. In 2016 the German "Presserat" claimed 22 bad behaviors on mass media in Germany so far.
COUCH (0040/16/3), Ziffer 7*
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# (source: http://www.presserat.de/pressekodex/uebersicht-der-ruegen/#panel-2016 )

Hah, the Germans... interesting. I see only one purpose behind those hyping the "Fake News" problem in politics: to control the real free press, the citizen journalists, the independent blogger, because they realize, they have to much influence.

The truth is, those people often write things the mainstream media doesn't. Not because it's not true, but because it doesn't fit in the view of their customers.

Well I could write all day about it. Most dangerous are the people that now scream for censoring and "checking of everything" before it is released. That would be the death of free press and independent journalism.
You know, if you publish something wrong, the probate thing was, you apologize in public and publish a correction. That's what the free press is doing in almost any case. And that should count for any published article on the internet, too.

I keep on researching for tomorrow's netcasts now. I try not to make this again the main topic of it. Sigh...