Happy New Year 2017!

Yeah, 2017 will be an interesting year. But last year I really got dragged away from my real interests.
This year, my resolutions are watching more anime, reading more manga, and give a lot less care about politics. You know, I don't have the time nor the will to deal with liars and their victims. Just blaming another country for everything that you messed up isn't complex enough for me.
So I'll try to give a crap about politics and other liars, and just go on with the stuff I like most. Yes, it's profane and "I should get a life". But you know what, that life is much better than dealing with brainwashed people on social networks which will leave to nowhere, except anger and confusion.

I'm watching anime... there is more truth in it than in any news media. And speaking of truth... why should I care if everyone is having their own truth.
And for the manga, that is for times I can't watch anime. Crunchyroll, Amazon prime, Viki (for the Japanese dramas) and other platforms, here I come.