In full work mode for tomorrow's Netcasts and Copyright shifts

Or not. Since I have time to take a selfie... Oh distraction.

Seriously, I can't wait to start watching Anime today. New episode of Gabriel Dropout is out. Yay!

I wanted to design a case for the Google Pixel XL with Gabriel Dropout, but Google is telling me I can't because this is copyrighted. Bummer. Yeah so no interesting case for my phone from Google can be ever made. How do they know I don't have the rights? I once got the rights to put ads and stuff with Saber Marionette J officially.

I don't like this pro-active behavior. I think I should be able to do all and face the consequences after it. To deny my possible rights in front, only because of an assumption is not okay imho.

So no fricking phone case for me, since companies do only care about a few phones, and with Anime, even if there is a Gabriel Dropout case for the Google Pixel XL, it's not going to be sold anywhere outside Japan. I want to be back in Tokyo... *sigh*