My retro console rack is almost finished

Here we go.

Only a few materials needed. The board planks need to be cut to the right size.
The powerstrip has 2 USB plugs that turn off when the main switch is off. Very important for the rack lightning.

The USB-hub to supply the 4 USB-Lights. It also lights up blue on the first board and on the last (via a cable)

3 USB extension cables. One shining blue when power is on. And here we go, the final result.

Okay, so I need to connect everything to the TV. That is not as easy as it sounds. I'll have to install a multiswitch and connect via scart and composite video. Even a antenna cable is to be used (Atari VCS 2600).

The consoles are as follow for now: Gamecube, N64, Atari VCS 2600, Playstation, PS3.
A Playstation II will be installed, too on the bottom besides the PS3.

I'll post a detailed video after everything works, which can take some time, since I have to get the switch.