Wow Android 7.1.2 is a massive update

But only with the file size. Interesting since it's a minor version number update only.

Google hints to the following changes:
"A few changes and updates that we want to highlight are listed below:
  • Improved fingerprint swipe performance
  • Bluetooth connectivity improvements
  • Battery usage alerts
Some of the other fixes are with the early shutdown issue on the Pixel, a fix for the small number of users experiencing pink banding on the camera, and a fix to the audio popping issue some users were experiencing at high volumes."
I can definitely confirm a much more smoother experience on that fingerprint swipe. Bluetooth connection was fine for me and is now, too. But it still connects to YouTube when starting my car, starts the video and playing the sound over Bluetooth, when I watched a video through chromecast prior to the connection.

Hey, a workaround to listen to videos without watching them? The display is off, but I can listen to it. Hummm...