Wasted so much time on the format war

No more!
MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Opus, MPEG4, WebM, VP9, WebP, JPEG2000...

I'm tired of fighting windmills.
I just use the one that is offered by most devices. At the moment it may be MP3 for audio. 320kbps should be okay.
For Video... I can't even care for other than MPEG4. I mean come on... the same with JPG. It's horrible, but that's the format almost all consumer devices are using.
I can't just go and say I want a WebP camera. There is no such thing. And how many cams are there recording in VP9?

Sorry, I'm out of steam. The industry won, and the patent-free, OSS community lost.
I fought on for years, and I had only frustration and problems from it. I focused on the format, instead of the content.

No more... I'm too weak to fight for the users, I can barely fight for myself...