Following Ron Gilbert on his train

I think I'm following Ron Gilbert on his move to bail out from Twitter.
It's a waste of time, and a source for most aggressive people and a lot of meaningless chatter. I have a few blogs where I can put out my stuff and people can even better decide if it's worth reading or not.
It's a waste of time to discuss problems there you wouldn't have without it. And as people tend to be more and more destructive on social networks, it makes me think if I really need to know what everybody thinks about everything. It's like you getting a fit about stuff that doesn't relate to you in any way and doesn't affect your life as long as you don't participate in talking about it. I have no time for this crap.
I will however keep my account and post links to my posts, but I will not check replies on Twitter anymore. More than 95% of replies I get, it's spam or not related to me, replying to the wrong person. Yes, Japan, I love you, but you have a @ - reply-problem with chatbots.

See you here ;) and on one of my other blogs.
"Silence is better than unmeaning words." - Pythagoras