DSGVO disrupts blogging

No data, no bloggers
With FUD.
I had to remove all ads and disable the comment feature on all of my blogs and websites. Another sad day as a blogger in the EU.
There is simply way too much uncertainty and I have to wait until it forms out a legal structure which is reliable. This can take years at worst.

Wow, to fight Facebook & Google the EU is making laws that this will never happen in the EU. Yeah, that's why the big and successful service in the web are from somewhere else. And it's getting worse.

Oh and yes the big A-Bloggers and those self-proclaimed figures of the "Netizens" are responsible for this disaster with their data paranoia without thinking enough about freedom of speech in the future.
They won't get hurt so much from this. They have helpers and lawyers when some shysters sending them cease & desist letters. The thousands of small bloggers do not.

Once again a few are ruining it for the masses. Thank you, paranoid dinosaurs.