Fighting the heat

I really have problems to do the Netcasts at the moment. It's too hot in my house. Horrible.
Now I have a new tool to fight the heat.
A personal space cooler. It's not a full-fledged air conditioner. That would be way too loud for recording. This one just cools anything in the air flow by vaporizing water. It cools about 4° Celsius and helps big time with low noise.
So I hope I can get more focus while recording.

And a word for our "great journalists" about the heat: Stop reporting that it's "great weather". It's not. people, animals and the environment is suffering and this heat wave will cost billions. There is already shortage on water in regions where it's never supposed to be dry in any part of the year. It's horrible and not fun! Screw this crappy journalism. People need to get protection and it's not playtime.