So, the CEBIT is no more...

Well it did not come on surprise for me. The focus on companies instead of consumers had to be a problem some day.
When digital is the normal standard, there is no sense in having such an event "for all things digital" . At least without the main focus on consumer. Those events keep on flourishing because people have a lot to ask about the digital world. They have their own problems to get a glimpse of what it means to be "digital".
The too late and too weak was the try last year to go a news way.

Every time it is the same. They just don't learn. Companies that focus on businesses are failing if "that thing" comes to the public attention and reachable for normal consumers. So put it like you want, the dead of the reputable business show was inevitable. I'm not sad. It the right way to put this to an end. Maybe we will see a new show. Maybe not. Big online shops take better care of informing the users than those events did, because consumers are their one and only focus. But of course they color it for their needs. That's the only bit where I hesitate about. But that seems also inevitable.