The next step...Hello Alexa

Since Google keeps destroying things and ruin everything, I now took the next step and bought an Amazon Echo.
I will thoroughly test it when it arrives in direct comparisons  with the Google Home system. Since the Assistant getting worse and worse for me, not recognizing commands and voices correctly, I think it's time for a try.
Last week Google managed to completely disabling "ok google" voice recognition on my Pixel XL even when the phone was unlocked and screen on. Even when I was directly in the Google App, it did not recognize the hotword.
I manages to get it working again just this morning bei deleting the voice model. Retraining was not possible on the Pixel (again "ok google" not recognized even in training mode). Fortunately it uses my voice model from the Google Home and Home Mini I have.

So Google Assistant is losing features, problems with voice recognition, sometimes completely disabling it, can not restore it directly, bugs, bugs, bugs. Every fricking update is a nightmare. This is not AI, this is just programming chaos out of control.

Let's see what Alexa does. I don't need a "fake AI", I need a product functioning reliably. Period!