A new year brings new habits

Or not... That, we wil see.
But I will focus more on my microblog here. Yes, because after Twitter is no reliable way to put out stuff, and the privacy hype is fully upon us thanks to the EU, I will take my posts even more back in my own hands.

It's a microblog primarily. But you know, I will post probably more extensive posts here too. That's an advantage. But also expect things like "I ate a banana". Don't get mad, it's my own Twitter, and I'm gonna use it!

Yes, no comments, because they made bloggers shut you up. But you're free to share this everywhere and discuss it there. I'll make some buttons available so you can give me feedback if you like. I'm probably opening a Line Group chat for you.
Yes Line... sorry nothing else. It's the most used messenger in Japan by far and the best chat/messaging client on this planet. And I use only the best! But I will announce that separately if it happens.

Have a good time in 2019!