Shocked by the US blackmailing of Huawei #ImWithHuawei

You see, I don't post as much as a manth ago. That is of me still being shocked by the open blackmailing from the USA against Huawei.

This is a sad thing, and I'm readying everything to move away from almost any US Internet-service and of course getting ready to have no Android on my Honor Phone. I will not, I repeat, I will not give in to US pressure. I will stay with Huawei and Honor, no matter what. And even if they will end up offering no phones outside China, I will only buy Chinese phones.

So this takes time, but many products are already switched. I'm ready for any Huawei-OS (Ark OS, Hong Meng or whatever they call it) and leaving the main Android OS, which seems to be fully under US-control and therefore unacceptable in the future.