Monday, June 29, 2015

Trancechannel at is really perfect after the netcasts

Just finished the netcasts upload and listening to the Trancechannel of
Trancechannel at
While I'm skeptic in such "unknown" curated stations I'll have to say this one is really great so far. Wow. Now heading over to the Android app to listen along while the computer will be turned off for today.

I have the feeling I missed something... strange ;)

Direct stream: Trancechannel

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Disco Zoo Koalas

Like that retro look game on Android.
The game Australia - Japan is really boring. Even the Koalas will sleep soon ��

The sky is moaning = gaming time

Outside it's grumbling. Thunderstorm, hail and strong rain.
That means I'll put my controller to the test :)
Let's see... GTA V or Battlefield 4. I can't decide.
At least I'm dry. On the other side, I would have loved to do a geocaching round today.
Yes, this grey blur is an actual photo of the sky :-/
A look at the sky tells me it's gaming time.
At least if the social media uproar flattens a bit today. No rainbows here, sorry.

8Bit Studio Ghibli

I think I've never seen so many artwork styles than of the posters from Studio Ghibli. Now Richard J. Evans made those, and some in movie scenes, as 8Bit artworks.
Artwork by  Richard J. Evans / Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND
Now those who loved the 8Bit games and graphics will be delighted to see this. What an awesome work.
I want to see the whole movie Totoro in 8bit animated graphics, wouldn't that be great?

There are many great 8Bit artworks from this artist on his site.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Purrrchased shirts from Big Cat Rescue. Yay!

Here we go. I ordered shirts from Big Cat rescue and finally they arrived. It took some time, but now I'm purring in it :).
The Wildcat Walkabout design appealed to me immediately. So I ordered one in hot pink (not for me ;) ) and mine in charcoal.

You can get those too and help Big Cat Rescue.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

In best mood today to fight for your freedom

There are really people that would give up their rights of free speech just to badmouth Facebook. It's a shame.

You know I hate Facebook, but not Facebook will take away the right to make selfies or other photos near interesting public buildings, but the fricking EU wants to.
Is this photo illegal in the EU very soon?
I know it's cool to stomp on Facebook and Google at the moment, but it would be better to address the ones that really ruining freedom.

Yes, I'm referring to this Google+ post, too. Beware of German language and ideas of freedom when it comes to companies...

If you are prefer something else than the Daily Mail link, here is another English language link on Medium that might be interesting.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Watching Dexter for the first time

Thanks to Amazon prime instant video, I can watch all episodes. Made a great cache last weekend with such an topic.
Let's see how the TV series is... The story has potential :-)

Okay about this #TaylorSwift ...

I would rather get waterboarded than listening to this crap "music".

Interesting change in Google's notification window

Now the secret seems to be lifted why it's no longer called "Google+ notifications" but "Google notifications".
I discovered the gear icon today (I don't know how log it's been sitting there). After a click you can choose what notifications you want to get.
Google+ and Google Photos are there at the moment. You can turn them on or off. Nice.
The "settings" link only bring you to the normal Google+ or Photo preferences.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vegan Soja Latte to go. YAY!

Yes, finally I found it around here in stores.
I always eyed the coffee to go in the stores. They all come with milk. Why does not a single company offer this just without milk?
But here is the solution.
Vegan Soja Latte Coffee. Woohoo!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Flatbed scanner feels so ancient

Throw back to the 90s. Had to use a flatbed scanner scanner recently. It felt so retro. I used a phone to scan documents for years with special apps. But my camera is malfunctioning on focusing so no luck there.
Ancient I tell you :-)

No motivation for doing any work today

Well I think I'll playing a bit GTA V instead of doing housework.
I can't get myself to do anything productive today. I blogged 2 short articles earlier and I must say they are horrible -.- I'll better stop ruining my blogs :D
Do you have that feeling sometimes, too?

Let's see how Los Santos is motivating... umm, no okay, that sound wrong.