EU nonsense against Google

The EU loosing it. Freedom downtime...
Wrote up this comment on the official posting form the EU commission:
It's ridiculous what the EU commission is doing. I fear that Google services in Europe will now be pruned, leaving a bad taste. This is against freedom and takes away the power of the internet users. It's a shame.
Get OUT of my usage habits.
If no European company could build up an alternative to Google, I would ask myself WHY this is. Not because Google is too powerful, but because the risk is too high to do such a service with all these ancient rules.
We need LESS rules, not more.
We need freedom for users AND internet companies and startups. 

This is completely nonsense and you put the EU side by side with countries that don't give much about freedom of information.

There is no Google monopoly. Everyone can use one of the alternatives (hence no European alternatives), and leave Google in the dust. But users won't because Google is what the users want. Apparently more than they want the EU if you follow reports.