Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Nespresso Monsoon Malabar Limited Edition is awesome

Once again I'm surprised by the new Limited Edition coffee from Nespresso: Monsoon Malabar.

It really stands out with a strong and unique taste. According to the official site, this traditional coffee got his name from transporting it on wooden ships, gaining the warm wind of the ocean. That made this taste especially good for our time now. In that time, it was a common way to transport.

However, today there aren't any wooden ship that cruises over the seas with coffee on board for month. That's why this will be simulated by storing it in Malabar and expose the coffee to the Monsoon in India.

I don't know if this is giving this kind of coffee its taste, but it's definitely something different. Highly recommended until you can get it.
Hopefully this will be a fixed offer at Nespresso. It really could replace Indrya as my favorite coffee.