A visit in FVWM-Crystal

Yes, I'm fed up with bloated GUIs. I know it is the best for normal users, and therefore I like KDE, Gnome, and XFCE.
But with those, it's a little bit overblown for my usage. I'm considered using Chrome OS (CloudReady to be precise), but for my netcast production I need to run Audacity and several other programs.

So I landed on fvwm-crystal. The ui from the past so to say. With Amiga-flavor. Yay. It's quite some change to the normal desktop environments. But I like it.

Having said that, I'm going to try out i3-wm since I'm having a terminal and emacs open at all time, a tiling window-manager sounds pretty interesting to me. I'll keep you informed on how that went.