Drink coffee folks. It's healthy!

Yay, I knew it :)
Finally I can justify drinking more coffee.

"We [see] similar benefits from caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. That's important, because it suggests that caffeine is not responsible for [the benefit.]
So this may be welcome news to people who drink decaf? 
Yes, because too much [caffeinated] coffee can cause insomnia and loss of sleep, and that's not a good thing!"
Good news, because I'm also very sensitive to caffeine. 1 Cup after 19:00 and I can forget sleep.
So the ingredients of coffee work together. But caffeine is not one of the responsible substances.
And still it sometimes fulfill its purpose, too. Keeping you awake. So whaterver kind of coffee you drink, it's not that bad for you.
But beware. More than 400mg of caffeine is not recommended. And beyond that, it could get dangerous quickly. And no, COLA is NOT a substitute for coffee. Unless you want to look like BB-8 in no time.

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