Pokémon Diary - Amusement parks are a gold mine for Pokémon Go players

I was in an amusement park on Friday, and you know what? The main attraction was Pokémon Go.
On every park attraction there was a Pokéstop and also 2 Gyms at this park.

Wow, I had my bag full of items in no time.
These slow rides suddenly became double important. You can catch Pokémon and visiting Pokéstops from within and getting miles to hatch your eggs.
And boom right into one of them, I hatched a Horsea :).
Well I exceeded the max items in my bag (350) quickly. Now I know why you can buy an extension for it.

It was a lot of fun. And yes, I also enjoyed the park, too. Actually if you want to get a lot of items, Pokémons and gym battles, don't forget to take your phone and a few powerbanks (sigh) with you and you will have full bags in no time.

[from the Google+ Pokémon Go Cantina]

Welcome to Pokémon wonderland...
Poor Weedle is fleeing from this gruesome setup :)