Pokémon Diary - Live with it: Pokémon Go is bigger than everything

What an impact. Unbelievable. And you will wonder about this article that is unusually long for this blog.
But I want to write diary like entries here in this blog. If you can't stand it, you can follow the posts at Google+ and just unfollow the "Gaming Hall" and you won't get those posts about Pokémon. But seriously, you won't get many other posts at all from me in the next time. Because Pokémon Go is big for me. It is THE topic at the moment.

This is how it all began for me... with an insult to Niantic... (apologies for that, I didn't realize at that time what impact this game had on the servers).
After that shock that it wasn't available in my area I almost decided to never play this game and boycott it. But then... it's Pokémon (and I really need to reconfigure my keyboard to correctly use the ´ above a char). I love Pokémon. I watched all the anime seasons, and I played the TCG a lot. I have Pokémon figurines and plush all over my place and a vanity number that represents a name of a little fellow. I have been wearing shirts on one day or another of that series and games since it first came out. And I still fell bad for buying movie tickets for a hundred bucks from a mother leaving the kid screaming while the mother was happy :). In short: I needed to play this game. Period.

So I grabbed an APK and played it before it was officially available and got my first Pokemon Shiggy and my first catch ever in that game, a Caterpie.

From the beginning I planned to play while geocaching. You need to have some incense, an item to lure them to you, in the woods since they appear mostly on crowded places.
But on this tour I caught a Psyduck at a senior home and a Drowzee at a railroad. Yay. And an Eevee which is so cute.

I was not alone. And now the geocacher Laguna.sam plays this game too. Zubat really liked her :)
At an old, abandoned airbase I visited my first Gym and placed that Zubat there with 27CP.
It stayed there since the game officially started. And that means I had to select a team. And it was the best and only team:

Team Mystic

Now the servers are getting worse and worse. It stalls more often then it works. This is really taking the fun away. 

A Weedle appeared while the new UK prime minister was given the first speak on TV. A coincidence?

And I met people for the first time on that day. First I saw too girls, which I asked if they are playing Pokémon, they smiled and yes they apparently just kicked my butt at the Gym :).
I thought okay, just a lucky met. But at the next Pokéstop: Several people with cars, bikes and on foot approached. At that time I knew, the hype is not only in the media. It's real. Since then I met a lot of people everywhere, playing this game.

Niantic needs to do something quickly. I was really upset now.
And today Canada started and the all servers went down. For many hours completely gone in the whole world *sigh*.
Before that I was luckily able to get visit some Pokéstops and a Gym where I met another player having a great conversation. We both were speechless about the success of this game and enjoy it. He was, same as I, a long year Pokémon fan. 

Servers are slowly getting better. Time to play... But in this restaurant they really need to do something against those Rattfratzes. I'm thinking about to call health officials :D

My friends and I are in full Pokémon mode. Night or day? Does it matter? There is a Pokéstop waiting.

Apparently more Pokémons appearing with your level up. I'm not sure, or if this is just a place bound phenomenon, but I can catch them at home now like crazy. They know where the power gamers are :)
Nope, I decided NOT to be a power gamer. I want to collect the little fellows mainly. I'm not going to day long trips just for the game. And who cares if I level up slowly? I'm not a statistic hunter at geocaching, and I don't want to get one at playing that game. I'll take my time to evolve my Pokémon and me.

That's it for a short review of my activities. It really is going crazy and me and my friend have a lot of fun.
I'll keep writing about my experiences and adventures while playing this game. And there will some exciting moments ahead as I travel around.

Have a lot of fun everyone, no matter what team you are. But you know that blue is the best ;).